“Chan Chan Chanananan” -AJ

    How many remember Amit Jhadav is one of the contestants of X factor India? Those who do then I believe you are as big fan as I am. Well, ever since I have been looking for his whereabouts but before I proceed any further, let me guide the ones who need a hint to remember. So as we already know, Amit was selected for the next level from the Lucknow auditions of X factor India. He was a 30 years old guy back then (but doesn’t look like “wink wink”) who performed flawlessly on the platform of X factor India. His performance was first telecasted on television on 30th of May 2011. All the three judges gave the standing ovation. That day he actually shocked everyone in the auditorium where the auditions were going on, including the three judges i.e. Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

    The song which Amit Jhadav sang at his audition time was “Chan Chan Chanananan”. The moment he started singing all the audience in the hall stood and started clapping for him. He did the Michel Jackson style in X factor while singing. Aaaaannnnnnndddddddd the moon walk, how can anyone forget the perfect moon walk of Amit Jhadav? It was breath taking but he neither he skipped his breath nor he skipped any note but did a complete justice to the Song and the Dance, the reason why all the judges said YES for his selection to the next level of X factor India after this incredible performance.

    Amit also participated in Fame Gurukul; an Indian talent hunt show telecasted on Sony Entertainment in the year 2005. The show didn’t work for him as he was eliminated pretty early. But later due to his far-fetched performance like MJ now he is known as AJ.

    AJ has currently performed in more than 750 shows around the world as a singer dancer and actor. His YouTube channel has 21k crazy followers like us who love his voice and his Facebook page is quiet popular too. AJ also performs in a wedding entertainer’s orchestra based out of Mumbai, does concerts and corporate shows. His high-tech LED graphics act has become immensely popular at such events.


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