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    Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes! – Real Life Superheroes 2022

    Early this morning a group of people working in a Salon marched towards a local school...

    A Tribute to Rishi Kapoor – Cherishing the Memory on his Death Anniversary

    Rishi Kapoor is a controversial man with many socio-political comments. His account is full of uncensored...

    Meet Anmol Mathur “the first fluid digital artist in the world”

    Anmol Mathur is the first fluid digital artist in the world. Anmol Mathur is known for holding a Guinness world record.

    Parents are vision

    Parents not only own that place, they help and support us too,

    In conversation with Chris Wilpert, A Digital Nomad

    There are two natures of Digital Nomads, one those who are everlasting travelers and the other are...

    Everyone is a secret “Mentor”

    We are the only ones who decide to get inspired or not, motivated or not, or do...