Despite the War with Russia, Why are Indian Students Going Back to Ukraine?

    Indian students are returning to Ukraine to finish their medical degrees even though the nation is still at war.

    Say ‘NO’ to Meat-Eating Men Urges PETA

    The animal advocacy group PETA has developed a fresh way to discipline men. According to a recent study, men's meat consumption is one of the main reasons for the climate issue. PETA urged women to organize a sex strike against obese men. According to the organization, it will benefit the globe and contribute to preventing the development of toxic masculinity. According to PETA’s statement “A...

    Pul Kanjari

    This lockdown made me look into the memories of my travel which got compressed somewhere in my phone memory. I found some pictures of Pul Kanjari...

    Rwanda The Royal Tour

    The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia organized A Special Screening of the documentry RWANDA THE ROYAL TOUR with H.E.

    Lotus Temple – The Baháʼí House of Worship

    One of the most famous tourist attractions in Delhi is Lotus Temple. It is a temple of worship for Bahai community who believe that there is one God.......