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    Continued from: The Doped Way Repeats

    In the last fifty years whatever research work is done and whatever technique and line of writing (our history textbooks) have been determined – for ancient, medieval and modern Indian history – are but self-revealing in their colonial nationalistic legacy and in their patronizing sympathy for the cause of soft socialist or ‘progressives’ as the Marxists would love to call them.

    Our eminent historians had, in order to garner the support of the then luminaries of the world power and under the influence of the sway of the times, reckoned that it would be politic to dress up in progressive plums and stand in queue. And in the process, they have done the greatest harm to an undefined posterity – in writing history for a purpose – in deliberately overwriting things that suited their conditioned necessity and in writing off those facts to oblivion which they thought hindered the interest and objective of their patrons or at least did not seem necessary in forwarding their own cause. This is a fraud on people and their right to know the truth of their past! And what mischief they have played?

    They have made India out to an empty land – filled by successive invaders. They have made present-day India out to be a zoo, an agglomeration of asserted disparate specimens. No such thing as ‘India’, just a geographical expression, just a construct of the British; no such thing as Hinduism, just a word used by Arabs to describe the assortment they encountered, just an invention of the communalist to impose a uniformity that has been their stance. For this, they have blackened the Hindu period of our history and they have strained to whitewash the Islamic period.

    They have denounced ancient India’s social system as the epitome of oppression and instead made totalitarian ideologies out to be egalitarian and just.

    They have belittled our ancient culture. All the while they have taken care to hide the central facts about these common elements in the life of our people: that they have survived in spite of the most strenuous efforts spread over a thousand years of Islamic rulers and ‘Ulema’ to erase them, that they have survived in spite of the sustained efforts during the last hundred and fifty years of the Missionaries and the British rulers to make them forget and shed their identity, that these elements have instead inflamed their identity from the dried rubbles of uninterrupted signing off.

    Bharadwaj Mishra
    Bharadwaj Mishra
    Bharadwaj Mishra, 1975 Odisha born, a Delhi University Post Graduate in Social Sciences, with a professional career in banking for around two decades, is engaged in creative writing and with film society. As on date he has two English poetry collections published, “Farewell To Kalpana Saikia” (Author’s Press, New Delhi) and “Bathing Ghat At Kotipalli” (Athena Books, Bhubaneswar). He has published English Essays, Poetry and Short Stories with English language magazine of Kendriya Sahitya Academy, Indian Literature and few others. He also does English subtitling for Odia language films. He is single and lives with his parents in Bhubaneswar.
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