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    Despite the War with Russia, Why are Indian Students Going Back to Ukraine?

    Indian students are returning to Ukraine to finish their medical degrees even though the nation is still at war.

    Say ‘NO’ to Meat-Eating Men Urges PETA

    The animal advocacy group PETA has developed a fresh way to discipline men. According to a recent study, men's meat consumption is one of the main reasons for the climate issue. PETA urged women to organize a sex strike against obese men. According to the organization, it will benefit the globe and contribute to preventing the development of toxic masculinity. According to PETA’s statement “A...

    Parents are vision

    Parents not only own that place, they help and support us too,

    In conversation with Chris Wilpert, A Digital Nomad

    There are two natures of Digital Nomads, one those who are everlasting travelers and the other are...

    Everyone is a secret “Mentor”

    We are the only ones who decide to get inspired or not, motivated or not, or do...

    What’s inside your head

    Have you ever felt useless and just want to sit alone? If yes then one can say it’s good

    The Artist Of The Skin

    RV says tattoo is the only possession that a human being can take to his/her grave...

    Manorama: Bidding Adieu

    Expressing deep grief, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, "Anguished by the passing away of noted litterateur Manorama Mohapatra Ji. She will be remembered for her writings on a wide range of issues.

    15 Countries That Do Not Exist Anymore

    Can you believe a country can disappear? No, I am not talking about Atlantis or any other country disappearing in the sea. Some countries have actually stopped existing. Let me tell you about 15 countries I know that actually existed before 20th century!

    Rise of a Phoenix

    Think of a person with female attire, high heels, long hair and beard. Bizzare right? Well that’s how Conchita auditioned...

    “Vaccine passport” to be the new document to travel.

    According to Dr. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a need for vaccine passport...

    Nanda Devi: Long story short

    Nanda Devi is the highest peak within the Indian Garhwal Himalaya,

    Christmas Truce of 1914

    During the first year of the World War 1, an unofficial ceasefire would be declared along the western front around the week of Christmas in the winters during..

    KIMS at its best during COVID-19

    The declaration of COVID-19 pandemic has led to a panic kind situation all over the world. This caught the limelight on...