Prisoner of Time

    Once a hatchling saw the sky after hatching out its egg. She tried hard to fly with her little wings but before she could even move her wings she was captured by some hunters.

    Holding on to the bars of the cage and looking towards the shining blue sky she kept waiting for her escape from the confinement. Years over years passed but she couldn’t break the prison.

    She is ageing now. Lost all the hopes of Independence. Now she only looks at other birds flying high in the sky and satisfying herself by listening to their adventures stories.

    One fine day, a noble soul entered her destiny to set her free. His assurance gave the bird an opportunity to fly again. When released from the fetter she ran towards the edge of the roof and waved her wings very hard. Closed her eyes and ‘thud!!!’

    It’s been ages and she has completely forgotten her strength of flying. with all her energy she pushes herself again but falls on the ground. After repeated attempts for a couple of hours she gave up. She understands that now she is a prisoner again of age and time.

    Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra, a skilled journalist with six years of experience, crafts captivating stories that blend research and creativity. Her writing captures human experiences, bridging reality and imagination. Beyond her journalism, Ankita's curiosity leads her to explore new destinations and flavors. Her narratives invite readers on unforgettable journeys, offering a fresh perspective that lingers.


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    Bharadwaj Mishra
    Bharadwaj Mishra
    3 years ago

    Truth is grim and, hard, tough not completely.. There’s a ray of hope in a different form.. The road is never completely closed.. The other name of life is hope – may it come true,may it not..

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