Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes! – Real Life Superheroes 2022

    It is true that real superheroes don’t wear capes. Their deeds are silent and secret but today we have caught one of such activities and would love to share it with you all. Early this morning a group of people working in a Salon named Modern Era, Shahdara (East Delhi), marched towards a local school with huge utensils, big packets and lots of love. Supervised by Rohit Singh and Aditya Sharma they walked into the Bal Bhawan School (East Delhi) to put smiles on more than 100 faces.

    The students were delighted to see their Santa in May. Rohit and Aditya distributed packed food, biscuits, and stationery items along with notebooks for Maths, English, and Hindi subjects to the students.

    Later after the donation, Rohit Singh politely took permission to provide hair services to these little kids who in general are unable to afford such kind of luxury. The school enjoyed the hospitality and showered blessings on the serving hands. “It gives us inner peace to contribute to society”, they all said. Rohit is an entrepreneur, who spoke to us about his ‘Sewa Group” which has been doing such generous activities for more than 2 years.

    Not only schools they also work for the underprivileged by donating food, blankets, etc.  

    All this started in 2020 when COVID was at its peak. Rohit and Aditya, the 2 best friends lost almost everything in the pandemic. At first, Rohit was diagnosed with COVID during the first lockdown. His family was out of town so he struggled hard for his life. He believes it is through the prayers of his family and his loved ones that he is alive today. On the other hand, Aditya who works in the IT sector, lost his wife and his unborn to COVID. Aditya was devastated and he with Rohit decided to dedicate their lives to the people and help them as much as possible.

    Aditya and Rohit are neither a part of an NGO nor take donations from others. They do the things that are possible for them without external help. People who come along are the ones who willingly want to be a part of it. Aditya doesn’t want to be highlighted or get fame for his philanthropy work.

    “I feel emotional, blessed, and joyful. I always feel happy when I see someone smile because of my little acts of kindness. I have always been taught by my parents to help people in need without giving it a second thought.” said Aditya.

    While talking to Rohit, he mentioned a few incidents where he saw people collecting stale food from dustbins to eat. Since then, he has been distributing cooked and uncooked food in such places. He also mentioned that he once gave a blanket to an 80-year-old blind man last year winter. Rohit and Aditya have pledged to get active every 15 days.

    So far, they have donated tonnes of ration packages worth rupees 1000 each that includes rice, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil, etc. People suffering during the lockdown came from Dwarka, Kotla, and other parts of the city.

    Such activities not only give contentment to the donors and receivers but also the people around the society, encouraging them to do their bit of share towards the needy one. Are you also helping people in society or do you know anyone around you being a helping hand? 

    Share your stories so that they can inspire others to do good and make this world a better place to thrive.  Keep loving. Ciao.

    Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra, a skilled journalist with six years of experience, crafts captivating stories that blend research and creativity. Her writing captures human experiences, bridging reality and imagination. Beyond her journalism, Ankita's curiosity leads her to explore new destinations and flavors. Her narratives invite readers on unforgettable journeys, offering a fresh perspective that lingers.


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    Dakshesh Paneri
    Dakshesh Paneri
    2 years ago

    It’s so heart warming to see such wonderful humans. Truly heart touching.

    Dakshesh Paneri
    Dakshesh Paneri
    2 years ago

    A warm hug and cheering from Rajasthan to all those beautiful and loving soul out there. Love and god bless.

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