Meet Anmol Mathur “the first fluid digital artist in the world”

    Anmol Mathur is the first fluid digital artist in the world. An internationally talented artist who is known for his great achievements in his innovative artworks soon. Anmol Mathur is known for holding a Guinness world record. Based in Indore, Anmol was born and raised in Raipur. He was fond of painting and drawing since his childhood. This mere hobby soon became his passion and he passionately works on his skills.  

    Previously, Anmol worked in the events industry works on promotional activities for brands. He also utilized this time to explore different paint mediums. Finally, in the year 2012, Anmol took the decision to turn his passion for art into a profession. Anmol is an admirer of Nature so most of his graphic paintings and oil paintings are inspired by his outdoor ventures. Anmol works in oil painting, watercolor painting, poster art, etc. But his favorite is fluid digital art.

    The 35-year-old has experimented with several mediums such as acrylic, poster, watercolor and graphics. The self­-taught and self-represented artist, Anmol enjoys the freedom and proficiency to express himself. Anmol strives to improve his work with every new picture he paints.

    From the United Kingdom to France, Italy, United States, Mexico, UAE, Philippines, Ecuador, etc Anmol Mathur has worked with many art organizations worldwide. He has created the world’s biggest denim abstract art piece with a group of talented artists. Anmol also took part in the World’s Largest Online Creativity Event (W-LOC). This event was organized by Chappai and the International Art and Imagination Forum (IAIF). Organized for the World Book of Records to support the international art community.  Specifically in these difficult times to show that creativity is a powerful tool against the devastating effects of COVID-19.

    Talking about his personal life, Anmol Mathur believes that dreams are big for his family. In a society where working in a normal office and leading a respectful life, he is playing with colors that give him colors of joy.

    Anmol is a single child who belongs to a middle-class family. He struggled in his childhood to lead a good life. With so many responsibilities he tried hard to manage his studies. He used to fall sick very often due to which he used to find it difficult to focus on his studies. Also due to financial crises, Anmol learned the art from the characters of the famous Amar Chitra Katha and Chandamama comics. Anmol’s family lived in a cotton textile mill where his father was the security officer. He lost his father at the age of 23 when he was out for his first exhibition at Radisson hotel.

    Traveling with various talented artists and experiences in international countries enhanced his skills. In the pandemic year of 2019 -2020, Anmol acquired his first world record in the world book of records. Gradually he bagged the 4th world record which is non-other than engraving his name into the Guinness Book of World Records. He holds this record for the world’s largest bubble wrap painting.

    Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra, a skilled journalist with six years of experience, crafts captivating stories that blend research and creativity. Her writing captures human experiences, bridging reality and imagination. Beyond her journalism, Ankita's curiosity leads her to explore new destinations and flavors. Her narratives invite readers on unforgettable journeys, offering a fresh perspective that lingers.
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