Parents are vision

    -by Krishna Porwal

    Everyone has some people in their life, who owns a special place in their heart and no matter what happens that place belongs to them, and to explain this “Parents” are the perfect example to define this situation.

    Parents not only own that place, they help and support us too, now one can say sometimes they stop us but if we look at this from their point of view their only intention is to protect us and sometimes it results in being overprotective. But as we know they somehow understand our feeling, we should also try to understand what they are feeling and from what they are going through just to make a better living for their child. Let me explain it simply –

    Most people nowadays wear spectacles and they can understand how difficult it is to see or do anything without wearing them. Now just think parents are our specs and we are wearing them, everything seems to be visible clearly and when we remove it, still we can see everything but the difference is, now everything is a blur, we can see people are passing by but we are not able to identify them, we can see hoardings but unable to read properly what’s written on it and that’s the role of parents in our life, they are our vision and we didn’t even realize it and some didn’t even think about it through their whole life! and the second we again put on the specs we forgot its importance in our life which indirectly reflects our selfish nature, in simple words we don’t realize the importance of something until it’s gone or we have to face the harsh reality of its abundance in our personal life!

    And it is surely common if we see it according to human nature because we take things for granted and don’t pay attention to the little things which make our life easier, that is same in our perspective about parents, most of us didn’t even have a simple thought of what they are doing for ourselves by being selfless and thought for thanking them is beyond of our cerebral capacity. A person owes everything to their parents because many of us sitting here and reading this blog can do it because of them and to date many of us didn’t have thought about it. And also, it doesn’t mean that we should thank parents for everything they do because it is their right and they do it with their whole heart and just by a good gesture, we can take care of them by understanding them and this will surely make them happy. By doing all this somehow, we can also protect our parents from the trauma of day-to-day life and the problems they are going through which they never share with us just to give us a better living.

    And we should also thank for the little things too that make our lives better as there are many situations, we think we are alone but our parents are always beside us and they always try to help us, no matter what the situation is they are always stuck by our side even if we aren’t able to see them but deep down we can feel them. There’s always PARENTS VISION in and on ourselves.

    Picture credit: Giving compass


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    Kirti Porwal
    Kirti Porwal
    2 years ago

    Wonderful, So Proud of you Krishna❤❤❤

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