Mighty Matterhorn

    The Mighty Matterhorn is a mountain located in the Swiss Alps mostly covered in snow near symmetric pyramidal peak, being one of the highest in the Alps with a height of 4,478 metres in the whole of Europe. One famous valley pass located near the Matterhorn Mountain is Theodul pass, the main passage between the valley and has been a trade route for the Swiss since the Roman Era. The name Matterhorn has been derived from German language which states Mattertal it is a valley situated near the village Zermatt which is surrounded by many four thousands including the Matterhorn .

     Holding the record of being the most Photographed Mountain in the world, Matterhorn gained its popularity due to its location and shape as a pyramid. The panoramic view and the majestic backdrop of the mountain attracts most of the tourist from around the world. Right after the sunset by illuminating the mountain the nation send out a message to the mankind. As it states that the mountain existed from about 4 thousand years and it has seen many diseases come and go, it was art which brought people together and looking for hope for a brighter future once again. Only art can do this.

    Garry Hofstetter a light artist, known for his achievements on transforming famous architecture around the world with his display. By this beautiful ideology to send a positive message Gerry mentioned that “we started with a Swiss flag because it speaks to the mountain and our nation”.  Words such as HOPE, SOLIDARITY and STAY HOME have been displayed onto the peak since the pandemic started.

    From Wednesday, they started it by beaming the peak with the flag of Switzerland; consecutively Italy and Ticino were also projected to the mountain’s peak. The flags of The United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Japan and India were also illuminated ever since to the mountain.

    By doing such artistic work the Swiss government wants to show the unity towards the world and also trying to send a message to unite and fight COVID-19 together.

    Ashish Mishra
    Ashish Mishra
    Ashish Mishra is a committed attorney navigating legal intricacies by day, and a proficient blogger crafting perceptive narratives by night. A versatile thinker reshaping both the courtroom and digital sphere with a blend of legal expertise and creative expression.
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