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    The Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt is the shortest serving Prime Minister in the history, belonging to a liberal party born on 15 August 1908 – 17th December 1967 was the 17th Prime Minister of Australia. The first ever Prime Minister of Australia born in the 20th century and after Federation of Australia.

    In the 1935 after being elected in the House of Representatives at the age of 27 he had just started his career as a Law practitioner. During the 1949, with liberals leading the election Holt was put in a position as one of the senior figures in the party. He has achieved a lot in the field that from 1949-1956 as a Minister of Immigration also in the tenure of being a Minister of Labor and National Service. In January 1966 Holt became Prime Minister, elected unopposed. Later, that year he fought the general elections winning a mile long race to the seat.

    Open Ocean was one of the weaknesses of PM Holt. He even had holiday homes near to the ocean such as Portsea, Bingil Bay, Queensland and Victoria. Being an enthusiast of water Holt loved swimming in the open sea, especially spearfishing it is a type of finishing used in the early millennial years. Back in the time people were quite familiar with this kind of fishing in which a sharp stick is used to fetch the fish from a stream and rivers. The tragic death of Holt, happened on 17th day of December 1967 as he was out with four of his companions and decide to drive to the beach for a nice swim into the open ocean. Earlier his doctors had warned him about not to swim as he may face some difficulty but in spite of such warnings he decides to swim in the open sea. After some time his security team couldn’t find him and he disappeared into the ocean. A search of 5 days was established and the government set a team of 50 divers into the sea for a deep search but he was nowhere to be found. On 22nd December he was declared as dead and the memorial service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne aged 59 years at the time of his death Holt was the 3rd  Australian Prime Minister to die in office posterior to Joseph Lyons(1939) and John Curtin(1945).

    It is said by many conspiracies that Holt had not died rather he attempted a suicide, which was unacceptable by his close and dear ones there was also a theory that he was abducted by the Chinese submarine as he had many Chinese  officials visiting him lately in the office. It was also mentioned by somebody that he was assassinated by the CIA. Well whatever the theories may be but Australia lost a great politician which was shocking for the nation.


    Ashish Mishra
    Ashish Mishra
    Ashish Mishra is a committed attorney navigating legal intricacies by day, and a proficient blogger crafting perceptive narratives by night. A versatile thinker reshaping both the courtroom and digital sphere with a blend of legal expertise and creative expression.
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